10 Life Lessons From Candy Crush - Yes, You Read That Right

This little game on your phone might hold the key to your best life.

Credits: bennqrandt10

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    While scouring the internet for outrageously awesome content for you all we stumbled upon something interesting. It's an article written by a fan of Candy Crush that claimed that Candy Crust taught serious life lessons. We thought it was sweet and wanted to share it with you.

    Pun intended, of course.

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    1. Get your basics right

  3. 3

    2. Know your objective

  4. 4

    3. How you use your moves matters

  5. 5

    4. Save boosters for the trying times

  6. 6

    5. The further you go, greater the challenges

  7. 7

    6. The fun is in the fight

  8. 8

    7. Persistence Pays

  9. 9

    8. Keep an eye out for bonuses

  10. 10

    9. Allies can be lifelines

  11. 11

    10. It’s not always a 3-star win

  12. 12

    You can check out more of Archana Rajagopal's awesomeness here: www.facebook.com/the.art.of.arch

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