10 Reasons To Ship Joshifer

Possibly the cutest 'couple' in the universe, the two Hunger Games stars have already professed their love for each other- just not in the way all Joshifer fans hoped. Here are 10 valid reasons to ship Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

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  1. 1

    They love each other like a brother and sister

    Here, they openly stated their love for one another in front of a press conference audience.

  2. 2

    Jennifer gave Josh a concussion and then cried about it for two days and Josh thought it was awesome

    Josh laughed about how he had to comfort her because she was so distraught that she hurt him

  3. 3

    They are always in perfect synchronization

    Most of the time, they will say or do the same thing and then argue over who owes who a coke

  4. 4

    They're both crazy

    Both of them laugh about how they're both crazy so they need non-crazy people to calm them down and keep them from jumping on each other

  5. 5

    They always compliment and insult each other on kissing skills

    They always argue over and rate each other on how good of kissers they are, but it always ends up that they're both awesome at it

  6. 6

    They truly miss each other when they're not filming together

    Jennifer and Josh shared one of their only serious moments commented on how they miss each other

  7. 7

    They know everything about each other

    Jennifer got all questions right in a 'how well do you know your co-star' game, Josh was almost there

  8. 8

    They get childishly excited to see each other

    They both jump on each other as a greeting and get so excited to see each other

  9. 9


    No explanation needed

  10. 10

    They argue like an old married couple and they know it

    From faking perfect When Harry Met Sally impressions to arguing over which dress Jennifer met Josh in, they are adorably like an old couple

  11. 11

    One extra because Joshifer is awesome, they are simply adorable together

    They're perfect for each other!!!

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