10 YouTuber GIFs That Sum Up Life As An Introvert

Pretty fly for a shy guy

  1. 1

    When People Think You Can Just Choose To Stop Being Shy

  2. 2

    When People Don't Get That You Enjoy Time Alone Sometimes

  3. 3

    Wishing You Were Smooth

  4. 4

    Getting Invited To Big Events

  5. 5

    When A Quiet Weekend In ... Is The Best

  6. 6

    When True Friends Accept You For Who You Are

  7. 7

    The Fact That Socialising Just Tires You Out

  8. 8

    When You Feel Rude Rejecting Invites To Things

  9. 9

    Being At Peace With Your Goofiness

  10. 10

    The Fact People Have To Get To Know You Before They Learn What You're Really Like

    It's worth the wait though #CarrotDance
    Have you ever considered how a self observer drives his or her life? Anna Borges made 10 intriguing and amusing diagrams underneath that characterize the life of a loner.

    The vast majority misconstrued thoughtful people. Contemplative people don't despise individuals. They aren't socially cumbersome or timid. They simply require additional time alone to revive their vitality. Besides, similar to what one of the charts beneath appears, self observers explain their considerations clearer in composing than when talking. When they aren't talking, they are simply listening or maybe staring off into space. From time to time are they really in an awful mind-set.

    So next time you meet a thoughtful person, don't ask them, "Would you say you are alright?", "Why are you so calm?" or "Do you despise individuals or something?". Since that may truly get them in an awful state of mind!

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