13 Times Supernatural Summed Up College Life Perfectly

Sam & Dean totally know how you feel

Credits: chrisb41

  1. 1

    Seeing Your Crush On Campus

    You swear you aren't stalking them

  2. 2

    Realizing You're In The Wrong Class

    Now you have to get up and leave in front of everyone

  3. 3

    When You're Forced To Take A Course You Don't Want

    Maybe you'll register on time next semester.. probably not

  4. 4

    That First Off Campus Party

    It could be so much worse

  5. 5

    Sleeping Too Late On Saturday Morning

    But WHY?

  6. 6

    Any Class Before 12

    Still too early

  7. 7

    Not Getting The Grade You Thought You Would

    But you spent so much time on that paper!

  8. 8

    Getting Deep On Your Crush

    Well, they said they wanted to know

  9. 9

    When Your Suitemate Gets Dumped

    It'll all be okay

  10. 10

    Drunk Confessions

    But it's also true

  11. 11

    When You See Someone Talking To Your Babe

    They're lucky you're being nice about it

  12. 12

    When Your Prof Tries To Play You In Front Of Everyone


  13. 13

    Showing Up Late To Class

    Umm..at least you're there

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