16 Times Iron Man Was The Best Part Of The MCU

From saving the world to Science Bros., here are all the reasons why Tony Stark is the best thing to ever happen to comic book movies.

By: moviefone10
Credits: http://www.playbuzz.com/moviefone10

  1. 1

    Because obvious

  2. 2

    When he had the Apple Watch on steroids

  3. 3

    When he had the best #SquadGoals

  4. 4

    When he's all DGF

  5. 5

    When even his nerdy references were badass

  6. 6

    When he could spot a fellow gamer from a mile away

  7. 7

    When even the Hulk was like "oh, eff yeah"

  8. 8

    When he was basically God

  9. 9

    When he got a 10/10 for sticking it

  10. 10

    When he looked cool even while failing

  11. 11

    When he said this...

  12. 12

    When he could turn anything into a landing pad

  13. 13

    When he quotes our favorite movies

  14. 14

    When he was the walking Yelp

  15. 15

    When he brought out Spider-Man

  16. 16

    When he shut it down

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