19 Rum Cocktails That Are Liquid Summer

Summon the sun (and impress your friends) with these beautiful little drinks.

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  1. 1

    Old Cuban

    With rum, lime, syrup and wine the Old Cuban is definitely an old classic for Summer.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1RPGDUI

  2. 2

    Pomegranate Rum Cocktail

    The pods of pomegranate in this cocktail provide a refreshing burst of flavour, the ultimate cocktail for chilling by the pool.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1W5j6Am

  3. 3

    Sparkling Pineapple Rum Cocktail

    Because pineapple and rum were just meant to be...Recipe here: http://bit.ly/21iHL5H

  4. 4

    Shark Bite

    This unique looking cocktail containing coconut rum, pineapple and curaçao is perfect for when you're dreaming of a little beach vacay, but just can't get away.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1X9cwJf

  5. 5

    Fig & Thyme Cocktail

    This sophisticate blend of rum, fig and thyme is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor dinner parties.Recipe: http://bit.ly/1OYhqCZ

  6. 6

    The Mai Tai aka BFRD

    They're not joking when they say this is a BFRD(Big F'ing Rum Drink)Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1QDDt7i

  7. 7

    Coconut Lychee Coladas

    This pastel treat is a match made in heaven with rum, coconut and sweet lychee.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1UPfS5z

  8. 8

    Pineapple Basil Rum Fizz

    Basil in a cocktail? It's dangerously delicious.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1Swl39R

  9. 9

    Raspberry Champagne Rum Punch

    Because sometimes champagne on it's own just isn't strong enough.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1X9dchM

  10. 10

    Smashed Watermelon Rum Cocktail

    Nothing says summer quite like watermelon and this zesty cocktail is the ultimate pick-me-up for overheating heads.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1ntAMth

  11. 11

    Vanilla Pear Rum Cocktail

    Fresh pears and clementines and vanilla pods add a sweetly subtle flavour to this white rum cocktail, which is the perfect light accompaniment to a heavy meal.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1pvu47P

  12. 12

    Dark And Stormy Cocktail

    This artistically layered drink tastes every bit as good as it looks.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1QE7HXK

  13. 13

    Strawberry Pineapple & Orange Sangria

    Because Sangria is the ultimate lazy afternoon cocktail.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1Yrwtwe

  14. 14

    The Painkiller Cocktail

    For those mornings after the night before...Recipe here: http://bit.ly/21VRXH2

  15. 15

    The Hemingway Daiquiri

    Add a touch of class to your summer days with this classically inspired cocktail.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1OQyteS

  16. 16

    The Blueberry Mojito

    When the classic mojito just isn't vibrant enough...Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1JYXcJJ

  17. 17

    Malibu Sunset Cocktail

    Sunset? Check. Malibu? Check. Glacé cherry? Perfection.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1TpqsAA

  18. 18

    Strawberry & Mint Mojito

    Because you can never have too many Mojitos...Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1Rbad7x

  19. 19

    The Walking Dead Cocktail

    A topical summer drink for any Walking Dead super-fans.Recipe here: http://bit.ly/1M4wmQ2

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