20+ Photos That Prove 2015 Wasn’t The Worst Year After All

2015 is almost over, and while many in the media have focused on the negative, readers of Bored Panda know that there were many good things that happened this year. Yes, politicians continue to start new wars, but it's up to us, regular, everyday people to make the world a better place, and we believe that the stories below prove this to be true.

Author: Viktorija G.

  1. 1

    #1 Man Buys Turtles From Food Market And Releases Them Back To The Sea

  2. 2

    #2 Entire Neighbourhood Secretly Learns Sign Language To Surprise Deaf Neighbor

  3. 3

    #3 The Young Guy Sitting Down Was Struggling With His Tie When The Older Gentleman Moved Without Hesitation And Gave Him A Step-By-Step Tutorial

  4. 4

    #4 McDonald's Employee Helped Elderly Disabled Man With His Food

  5. 5

    #5 Donkey Smiles From Ear To Ear After Being Rescued From Flood In Ireland

  6. 6

    #6 Heart Surgeon Calms Weeping 2-Year-Old Girl Before Heart Operation

  7. 7

    #7 This Guy Has This Dog, And She Can't Walk Anymore. So He Takes Her Out For A Walk Every Day In A Wheelchair

  8. 8

    #8 Turkish Bride & Groom Spend Their Wedding Day Feeding 4,000 Refugees

  9. 9

    #9 This Coffee Shop Lets Stray Dogs Sleep Inside Every Night When The Customers Leave

  10. 10

    #10 When A Student’s Baby Started Crying In Class, This Professor Had The Best Response Ever

  11. 11

    #11 Mom Adopts All 4 Of Her Best Friend’s Daughters After She Died Of Brain Cancer

  12. 12

    #12 Man Has Heart Attack While Mowing Lawn; Firefighters Finish Mowing Lawn After Saving Him

  13. 13

    #13 These Kids In Canada Tied Coats To Street Poles To Help Homeless Prepare For Winter

  14. 14

    #14 Baby Deer Refuses To Leave The Human Who Saved Her Life

  15. 15

    #15 Anonymous Spiderman Feeds Homeless At Night, Shows Everyone Can Be A Hero

  16. 16

    #16 Hungarians Bring Their Shoes To The Budapest Train Station For Arriving Migrants

  17. 17

    #17 Soaked Dad Protecting His Schoolboy From Rain Shows What Parenting Is

  18. 18

    #18 9-Year-Old Girl Builds Shelters For The Homeless And Grows Food For Them, Too

  19. 19

    #19 92-Year-Old Meets Her 2-Day-Old Great-Granddaughter For The First Time

  20. 20

    #20 80-Year-Old Man Builds A Dog Train To Take Rescued Stray Dogs On Adventures

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