25 Times It Was Amazing To Be A 00s Girl In Britain

When the hardest decision you had to make was which Charlie you were feeling like today

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  1. 1

    Whenever your friend told your future with this and it predicted awesome things for you

    The first time you took it, it said you were going to marry the grossest boy in your class but you were allowed a do-over.

  2. 2

    When you lived out your frustrated teenage fantasies by making your crush in The Sims and marrying him

  3. 3

    And then when they went off with another girl in your class, you could get your revenge easily

    Not sure this is entirely the healthiest way of coping...

  4. 4

    When you watched Top of the Pops religiously every Friday

  5. 5

    And had your first taste of pirating music when you recorded the Top 40 onto cassette tape each week

  6. 6

    And then discovering Limewire and resolving never to pay for music again.

  7. 7

    When you could get all the latest gossip from Smash Hits magazine

  8. 8

    Popping into Woolworths for your pic'n'mix before you saw the latest Pirates of the Caribbean

  9. 9

    When you could completely change your look with hair mascara

    Don't worry mum - it washes out!

  10. 10

    When you learned everything about love from Ellie Allard and Georgia Nicholson

  11. 11

    When you discovered, at 14, that you definitely did have a WKD side

  12. 12

    When you could express yourself subtly through the song lyrics in your MSN name

  13. 13

    When you could sum up how brilliant you were with sassy tops from Tammy Girl

  14. 14

    But when you grew up you swapped to Jane Norman so you could keep your PE kit in their bags

  15. 15

    When you finally collected all the smelly gel pens

    And coloured in the back of your homework diary with them throughout class

  16. 16

    When you'd spend ages deciding the perfect polyphonic ringtone to download that summed you up perfectly

  17. 17

    When you'd come back from holiday with the hottest hair accessory

  18. 18

    When you'd wear concealer on your lips because it was the only way to make your eyes pop

  19. 19

    When you'd watch the Sabrina the Teenage Witch marathon every Saturday morning

  20. 20

    When everyone had their birthdays in bowling alleys but you spent all your time on Dance Dance Revolution

  21. 21

    When Uggs were in fashion because you could literally wear them every day - and you did

  22. 22

    When you learned to take a slamming bathroom mirror picture for your Bebo page

  23. 23

    When the hardest decision you had to make each day was to work out which Charlie you were feeling today

  24. 24

    When you were allowed to stay up to watch the Friends finale (sob)

  25. 25

    And when you had the best role models ever

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