5 Secrets That Will Handle Your Oily Skin This Summer

The summer is a trying time for all types of skin. However, it is worse for people who have oily skin. These tips ensure that you take the best care of your skin during this trying time. With these tips, you will sometimes forget that you have oily skin. They help you get to the cooler weather with little skin issues.

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    Oily skin will produce more oil, especially during summer. This will increase the amount of oil on your skin. You can help to remove the excess oil on your skin by cleansing. The best skin care routine, you can invest in if you have oily skin, is buying the best cleanser and toner. Better still, choose a cleanser that can protect your skin from the sun damage. Remember the excess oil on the skin could lead to many skin problems. Overproduction of oil, especially during summer, could lead to acne and bacterial attack. Cleansing will help you get rid of the excess oil. Again, ensure that you follow up every cleansing with a toner. You should also try as much as possible to be gentle on the skin so as to avoid leaving it dry which could lead to more oil production.

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    Oil free egg white moisturizer

    Every skin type requires the use of moisturizers. Most of the skin care products used during winter will leave your skin dry. You, therefore, need to apply a moisturizer after every skin care routine. Unfortunately, most of the skin moisturizers on the market contain some oils in them. You cannot afford to add more oil to your skin, especially during summer. However, you can try the egg-white moisturizer. It is free of oil. The moisturizer will also nourish your skin and help to fight the harsh summer conditions. Better still, it helps to retain the natural skin elasticity.

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    Fall in Love with Mate

    A Mattifying lotion will make all the difference for you this summer. It works on the skin and absorbs the excess oil that is being produced. During summer, the oil problem is much of a bother, especially to those people who have oily skin. Because of the increased heat, oil will melt and flow down the face ruining your makeup. The Mate will stay on the face and help you to deal with excess oil. Apart from dealing with the excess oil, mate has many more traits that are helpful to the skin. It has a sunscreen effect that helps to prevent the skin from UV damage. It also fills the fine lines, and wrinkles that are present on the skin and it also helps to maintain a younger looking skin.

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    Peppermint Toner

    During summer, the skin pores will open wide because of the much heat. This will lead to more production of sebum and oil. You can use a toner to control the level of the opening of the pores. However, most of the available toners are in powder form. They will clog the pores, and this could lead to acne and inflammation. The homemade peppermint toner can be used instead of the other types of toners. It works on the skin and has a cooling effect. This helps to close the pores and restrict the opening. Oil and sebum production will, therefore, be controlled. Better still, it is easy to remove the toner when you cleanse the face with cold water.

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    Blotting paper

    During summer, you will need to retouch your skin more often. You will need to carry powder to tap your face dry when the excess oil starts to flow down the face. Many people, however, will not find it convenient to take powder everywhere they go. Others will not use powder because it clogs the pores. A blotting paper will work instead of powder. You will use it to tap gently on the skin when it starts to look shiny.

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    Do not let the harsh summer conditions affect your beauty or your confidence. Ensure that you use the above tips or you can also use Meladerm skin lightner and your oily skin will not be a problem. Use these innovative tips this summer to help with your oily skin.References:1. https://www.consumerhealthdigest.com/beauty-skin-care/top-oily-6-skin-mistakes-you-should-avoid.html2.https://www.solvaderm.com/blog/sun-damage.html

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