5 Ways To Travel On A Budget

Sometimes wanderlust hits us and we want to book the next flight out. Our hearts say yes, but our empty wallets say no. So, here are some tips to be a frugal traveler and accomplish the adventures you crave!

  1. 1

    Vacation with a buddy.

    Invite a friend along on vacation and agree to split costs. Not only will the total budget be half the cost, but now you have a companion to share the memories with!

  2. 2

    Don't stay at a hotel.

    Hotel prices can be pretty steep, so when traveling consider some other options. Many cities have apartments or villas vacationers can rent. Hostels are another good option that are very inexpensive, but beware if you're looking for luxury, you won't find it in a hostel. The benefit? Adventures and memories that will last forever!

  3. 3

    Eat local foods.

    Skip out on the fancy dinners and blend in with the locals! You'll save a lot of money, while enjoying the local dishes. There's no better way to embrace the culture around you then munching on their delicious cuisines. Be cautious to not go overboard, your body might not be used to many foods.

  4. 4

    Plan ahead.

    Not knowing the easiest way to transport yourself in an unfamiliar city can not only be costly, but waste a lot of time. Be sure to plan ahead and discover the most cost effective (and safest) way to get around town.

  5. 5

    Know the deals.

    Don't wait last minute to book a flight! Surprisingly though, it's not best to do it too far in advance either. So when is the right time? According to cheapair.com, 47 days ahead is the prime time to book a flight. Prices usually rise and fall, so monitor the ticket prices and when you see the best deal, snatch it up. Also, avoid busy months around holidays or late summer.

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