8 Cool Apps to Up Your Tech Game in 2016!

Put that new iPhone (or Android!) to use with these stellar apps!

Credits: http://www.playbuzz.com/julesdurand10

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    This innovative travel app lets you name your destination and shows the best travel dates and prices. With multiple ways to explore travel options and locations, your wanderlust level will be through the roof!

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    Connect your email to Paribus, and the app will examine your receipts to identify opportunities to get money back from your online purchases. If you're eligible, Paribus will file price adjustment claims for you. Say hello to the $$$!

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    Fatten your wallet, not yourself! With Pact, you make a "pact" to work out and/or eat your veggies, and earn money for sticking to your word. Get ready to pay up if you break your pact, and earn some dough if you achieve your goals!

  4. 4


    Slack: a streamlined messaging app that lets you organize group messages into channels, send private messages, and easily share files. Say goodbye to mile-long email chains and hello to Slack!

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    Ever been worried about getting home safely? With Companion, you simply enter your destination and add friends and family (who don't even need the app) as companions. With the touch of a button, you can alert your companions or the police if you feel unsafe.

  6. 6


    Tired of the age-old gender rule of guys having to make the first move? On Bumble, only girls are allowed to message first. Ladies: you only have 24 hours before your match expires, so craft that witty opener and message away!

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    It's time to bring out your inner bookworm. With Goodreads, the largest site for readers and book recommendations, you can track/add to your reading list and see what friends are reading.

  8. 8

    1 Gallon a Day

    Celebs like DJ Khaled and Beyonce swear by drinking a gallon of water every day. The aptly named 1 Gallon a Day uses a beautiful interface to track your water intake and makes you feel as stellar at Queen Bey herself when you reach your goal!

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