9 Celebrity Dads Who Make Us Go All Mushy Inside!

In celebration of Father's Day we thought we'd treat you to this feast of delicious dads who give us feels!*Warning: There is not a dad bod in sight!*Double warning: You will find yourself feeling flushed as you go through this list so if you blush easily, don't read this at work!

By: louisetaylor10
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  1. 1

    Chris Hemsworth

    Our ovaries can't take it. This is Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Thor baking his daughter a dinosaur birthday cake. Look at that tight t-shirt. Look at his arms. Look at the deep look of concentration on his face. *Swoon.

  2. 2

    David Beckham

    Ok so David Beckham has always been hot but there's just something about the way he turns to putty whenever he's with Harper that makes us fall even more in love with him!

  3. 3

    Ben Affleck

    Talk, dark, handsome and holding laundry. That's exactly how we like our men.

  4. 4

    Josh Duhamel

    Only Josh Duhamel can still look gorgeous while his child picks his nose. Look at that bit of hair flopping over his brow. Look at that stubble!

  5. 5

    Orlando Bloom

    Any man who can make his child beam like that is a winner in our books. We can't decide who is cuter, Orlando or Flynn?!

  6. 6

    Gerard Pique

    We love that Pique hasn't even noticed the camera here because he's too busy staring adoringly at his impossibly good looking children.

  7. 7

    Prince William

    Everything about George is cute and William with George just makes us melt. This duo leave us royally flushed!

  8. 8

    Matthew McConaughey

    How are they all so attractive?! What do they eat?! Matthew McConaughey in a D&G suit with his stunning children has us sitting in disbelief.

  9. 9

    Jamie Dornan

    We forgive him for 50 Shades of Grey now we've seen him share this gorgeous moment with his little girl!

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