9 Exquisite LEGO Animals Built By Absolute Geniuses

These sculptures from the new book "Beautiful LEGO: Wild!" are a treat for nature lovers and LEGO geeks alike!

Credits: distractify11

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    For featured builder Sean Kenney, creating art with LEGO is more than just connecting pieces, it's capturing the essence of a subject: "It has to have life. My sculptures need to be rooted in personal expression." Built just this year, Kenney's "Peacock" uses 68,827 pieces.

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    Sea Otter Mum & Pup

    By Sachiko Akinaga (2011) - 3,500 pieces

  3. 3

    Aquarium Tank

    By Andy Hung Chi Kin (2014) - 8,000 pieces

  4. 4

    Bullseye the Target Dog

    By Sean Kenney (2015) - 39,800 pieces

  5. 5


    By Michaela Clites (2014) - 100 pieces

  6. 6


    By Sean Kenney (2014) - 60,549 pieces

  7. 7


    By Kosmas Santosa (2014)

  8. 8

    Pansy and Bee

    By Sean Kenney (2015) - 29,314 pieces

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    "To me, LEGO is the best puzzle in the world," says Tom Poulson, whose amazing bird sculptures became an official LEGO set this year. "There are infinite combinations, and it's possible to create pretty much anything your mind can imagine."

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