Amid management troubles, Kash Goodluck releases new song

In the midst of his latest management troubles, Kash Goodluck is still working.
The singer dropped a new song, "Love," on Tuesday 2nd May, less than 24 hours after he had released new photos of his image.
The lyrics of the reggae n R&B tune include, "Eno Love, love embonya bonya. Nkulaba olina obusungu, otamuuse, buli kalungi kenina oyagala ku kalya ko. Omuntu akukuula nga takusaasidde"
In a song he says he speaks to “Love” himself, asking him questions, he continues to explain that “love is everywhere, song tackles so many aspects of relationships, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, and all other people will deal with in life. It’s all love we do things we do”

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    Just as he promised, Kash Goodluck officially rolled out this new single “Love.”

    The track, which was teased earlier this year on social media, is expected to land on Nexttopboy’s first studio Extended Play (EP) Spell Of Love . Fans have already gotten a couple tastes of the upcoming project with the singles “Sekamu” and “Fly”.
    When Kash announced the new single at the end of last “April”, he also told his followers the approaching season would “be all about the Love.”

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    “Love” doesn’t stray too far from what fans expect from the singer.

    As of now, it’s unclear when Spell Of Love will officially drop; however, all signs are pointing to “soon.” In addition to releasing this new single, Kash is also gearing up to hit the road for his Brand advocacy.
    There's also a good chance he'll debut more tracks from the forthcoming project during the Brand advocacy. It appears Kash Goodluck is looking to get his life back on track after some issues that have surfaced about his past.

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