Britain's "Sexiest Police Officers" Just Took A Selfie And We're Under Arrest Now

PLEASE take us in! These two have to be models on the side.

By: archibaldeagle10

  1. 1

    Pop culture, for whatever reason, has us believe cops look like this:

  2. 2

    What if we told you that was utterly wrong, and cops looked like this:

  3. 3

    Uh huh. Yep. These two model UK citizens are PC Daryl Jones and Sergeant Kayleigh Webster, and they have just arrested our dreams and locked us up forever in the jail of "yes please".

  4. 4

    Jones and Webster took time out of their usual Essex patrol to promote safe driving, and took a selfie of themselves doing so. What has followed is nothing short of internet stardom and setting impossible goals for the rest of us normal-looking people.

    Officer Daryl Jones can be seen here looking like the realized dreams of all young English ladies.

  5. 5

    Please, citizens of Essex - remain calm. Any misdemeanor or felony committed just to put you in contact with these two is STILL a misdemeanor or felony...

    Officer Kayleigh Webster can also be seen here emitting an effortless amount of beauty, strength, and charm all at the same time and why is she so gorgeous this is not fair LOOK AT HER FACE. Maybe one misdemeanor would be worth it... just one...

  6. 6

    We're not alone in our admiration of these two wonderful people (who also happen to be wonderfully good looking). The Essex Police Facebook Page is alight with hundreds of citizens expressing both their thanks and, we'll call it "admiration":

  7. 7

    We'd still, in all seriousness, like to take a moment to thank these two and all other law enforcement officers all around the world for their dedication and service. Despite the first photo we showed you, cops ACTUALLY look like this, and make no mistake, they are heroes:

  8. 8

    Take a page from Michael Scott's book and stay out of trouble. No matter how beautiful these cops are, it's not worth it!

  9. 9

    Are these the most gorgeous law enforcers you've ever seen? Let us know and be sure to share their unrelenting beauty with friends!

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