Five Fascinating Film And TV Facts #66

Sherlock-ing revelations, Strictly secrets and an excitable Aaron Paul...

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    Strictly secret

    In order to keep the identities of this year’s celebrities a secret, Disney code names have been given to each competitor. From booking cabs to appointments with the doctor, each celebrity has been going by these names, so word didn’t get out of their involvement. Ainsley Harriott was Aladdin, Jeremy Vine was Nemo… it’s secretive work this dancing lark!

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    Panic in the pyramid

    Actor James Buckley needed medical attention on the set of horror flick The Pyramid after getting TOO into his character. After a tense scene saw the cast forced to crawl through an enclosed space in their efforts to escape a cursed pyramid Buckley admitted:“I was getting myself all geared up and into the part and I was running for my life. As far as my brain was concerned, I was going to die. So I got myself a bit panicked, scraping my knees on the floor. I didn’t care, I just needed to get out.“I did get a bit worked up, so I needed to take five minutes and they brought me an oxygen tank to calm me down. I was finding it really difficult to breathe.”

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    No Sherlock for Stubbs

    Actress Una Stubbs, who plays Mrs Hudson in the smash hit BBC series, has never watched a single episode. "No. Oh no," said Stubbs, telling she never watches herself back on TV. "Maybe years later if somebody says, 'It's fine. Absolutely fine. Watch it'. Then I might do. But not when it comes out? Oh no." But not a single episode? "No. Sometimes they show a little clip so I've see little bits of it..."Isn't she tempted to see why everyone loves it so much? "Yes. I should [watch it] but I find it really difficult. If you're not happy with yourself there's nothing you can do. It's too late," she says, adding: "I'm very critical."

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    Price is right for Paul

    Aaron Paul will be familiar to Breaking Bad fans as Jesse Pinkman, but did you know that back in 2000 the actor was a contestant (and an excited one at that!) on the US version of Price Is Right? The clip needs to be seen to be believed...

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    Redmayne's vocal woes

    Bilbo Baggins, as we know, was played by Mr Martin Freeman. But he could have had a whole different look - that of Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne. Yep, he could have had the part. Well, actually, he doesn't think he could have, joking they must have been "casting the net wide" to send him a script. Redmayne told Graham Norton it was his choice of vocal stylings that didn't quite hit the mark...

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