How To Decorate Your Apartment Like Taylor Swift

So we might not have all been lucky enough to splurge around $20 million on an incredible 7 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom penthouse in the Manhattan neighbourhood of Tribeca like Taylor Swift, who nabbed her home from Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, but we can dream. InStyle introduced us to Taylor’s amazing home with a few photos, including her infamous kitchen where she hangs with the likes of Karlie Kloss and bakes.

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    The Lighting

    Throughout T-Swift’s home you can find statement ceiling and pendant lighting hanging from the wooden beam ceiling. Contemporary and modern table lamps are also seen adorning the dark wood sideboards. Get the look with the Babylon ceiling light and the Carter pendant light from which are featured above as well as the Martino and Bernardo table lamps.

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    From the foyer, living area and dining room you’ll find at least one sofa, most likely for the benefit of Olivia and Meredith’s comfort. The fabric of choice for most of the sofas seems to be velvet and mostly is red or orange hues. If there isn’t a velvet sofa in sight you’ll still find one carrying through the red/orange hued theme which seems to match well with the exposed brick walls and exposed wooden beam ceiling, it seems Taylor still hasn’t gotten over the colour red since her album of the same name as her home also features red painted walls.

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    Sideboards and Tables

    The kitchen features a white marble island and white cabinets which opposes the rest of the darker wood home. The rest of the wooden furniture seen in the house tour seems to be in keeping with the darker wood floors, staircase, wall panelling and ceiling. From sideboards, coffee tables, dining tables and console tables you find a lot of natural looking mid to dark coloured woods.

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