List of top Uganda’s youngest and doppest Djs

The disc jockey game in Kampala is more competitive than the music industry, let me put comedy a side for the respect and the fact that sits by far in the entertainment industry of Uganda.
It will be remembered that at this age in time Dee Jaying took over most of the entertainment platforms, Radios, television, events, and many more.
We have compiled a number of youngest DJs that are taking over the game which is quite amazing and should be embraced.

  1. 1


    He is the most loved by women of Corse he is a ladies man, he know what they want, and he gives it to them distinctly, find him at Casablaca Kololo every Monday and Saturday, fame lounge every Thursday. Follow him for more.

  2. 2


    He is humble and down to earth, he hosts the Official Africa top 20 countdown online, the Howwie Wicked mix on Follow him for more.

  3. 3


    This guy has always been with the most trending Dj duo Dj Slick Stuart and Dj Roger, he is amazing and understand his crowds, find him at Laftaz comedy lounge every Thursday and the Super Star Friday on KFM 933. Follow him for more.

  4. 4


    He is the next Ugandan DJ, he has been very supportive with Ugandan music and artist at large, he is a local DJ as many say, plays on Radio Simba and every day on Record Tv Network.

  5. 5


    He is humble just like wat his slogan says, upcoming artists favourite Dj. He is the premiere Dj Kampala has, find him at Ambiance Kampala, Laftaz every Monday, The Game club, follow him for more.

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