Politicians Photoshoped Into Classic Masterpieces Would Make Your Art Professor Cry

A community of artists were challenged to

Credits: bethporters10

  1. 1

    Design Crowd is a service that connects companies with design needs with thousands of freelance artists around the world. Their latest project was something a little less serious.

    Vladimir Putin As Vincent Van Gogh

  2. 2

    The creative community was challenged to insert current politicians into classic paintings.

    David Cameron As Bacchus

  3. 3

    We thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with you.

    Donald Trump As Young Boy In Pink

  4. 4


    François Hollande Replaces Napoléon Bonaparte

  5. 5

    Some even manage to be quite striking.

    Narendra Modi By Rembrandt

  6. 6

    - And say what you will about Hillary, but this works remarkably well.

    Hillary Clinton As Mona Lisa

  7. 7

    *AHEM* He wishes...

    Vladimir Putin Replaces Napoleon Crossing The Alps

  8. 8

    You can check out the official page for the project here: http://blog.designcrowd.com/article/781/politicians-painted-into-famous-portraits

    American Gothic, With Hillary Clinton And Vladimir Putin

  9. 9

    Kim Jong-Un As The Son Of Man

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