Screw Erratic Weather: 15 Clothing Hacks To Help Survive The Transition From Summer To Fall

Today's forecast entails scorching heat and intermittent conflagrations of death, followed by erratic rain and sudden cold temperatures. But just because the weather is acting like an angry pre-menopausal bear doesn't mean you need to put up with its crap! Take these 15 tips and run, run and be free this August, September and October! Feel the wind rush through your hair; and whether that wind is hot or cold, you'll be totally prepared to deal!

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    #15: Buttonable Sleeves

    Buttonable sleeves are a godsend. When it's warm, roll those bad boys up. Not only does this fight the heat, but you can show off cute jewelry or bangin' tattoos. Too cold? Roll'em back down and walk around like you're the boss. Blam! You're ready for Fall.

  2. 2

    The alternative:

    Take some crisp sleeves and roll those bastards up to the elbow. Afraid of having them roll down? Hold'em together with a cute pin or button. Booyah! You're a diva, Honey.

  3. 3

    #14: Classic Skirt & Tights Combo

    Whether you're wearing a dress/skirt or shorts, leggings and knee-high stockings are an awesome choice. You can always remove or add said legwear to accommodate the weather. This is also a good opportunity to mix and match fun colors and patterns.

  4. 4


    If you search "cute skirt and tights" on Google, you will find this woman. I do not in any way condone standing in snow while wearing heels and summer clothes. If you INSIST on being nutballs and driving up to the snow to wear your pretty summer clothes, please drive safely and chain your tires.

  5. 5

    #13: Waterproof Mascara

    Greatlash is a fantastic and affordable brand of mascara, especially during the summer-fall months. During summer, this mascara is perfect for swimming, but also for clinging to your lashes while the rest of your makeup melts off and makes you look like an Edvard Munch painting. And during fall, this mascara works for the hottest days AND the rainiest.

  6. 6

    #12: The "Umbrellasol"

    Step 1: Find a cute umbrella.Step 2: Put some lace, ruffles or cute dangly things around the rim.Step 3: Decorate the handle.Step 4: (Optional): Skip steps 1-3 and buy an umbrella-parasol online.

  7. 7

    Protect yourself from the sun or the rain...

    ...and do it in style! The "Umbrellasol" is a good way to get creative whilst creating a practical object. Wanna be the envy of all your friends? One word baby: umbrellasol.

  8. 8

    #11: A Pair of Mary Janes

    Mary Janes are a fantastic and versatile shoe. They go with or without socks; with skirts or with pants; worn casually or formally.

  9. 9


    ...with a sweet pair of yellow MJs for August, you'll look like you're actually walking on sunshine!

  10. 10

    #10: 3 Lipsticks for 3 Skin Tones...starting with Orange Lipstick for Dark Skin

    Orange is perfect for 3 reasons. (1) It is a unique color but still looks pretty (2) The shades range from bright to nudes, so you can get as wild or as mellow as you'd like (3) Orange is a bright enough color for summer, but pumpkin is a classic fall hue! One shade to rule them all...

  11. 11

    Nude Pinks for Medium Skin

    Nude pinks on medium skin (especially skin with more gold) highlight the natural glow of the skin without needing to be a completely opposite, cool color. The pink can still be plenty warm and manage to draw out the warmth of the skin. Great for summer and also blending into fall.

  12. 12

    Strawberry Lips for Pale Skin

    A shade or two away from fire engine red, strawberry colors contrast beautifully against creamy skin. I mean, who doesn't like strawberries and cream? Clearly people who have never had it. And this late summer/early fall, they'll be gettin' some strawberries'n'cream when you strut outta the house like you own the place.

  13. 13

    #9: Over-the-Shoulder Tote Bag

    This tote-bag-wearing-badass has it right, and you'd do well to learn from her. Bow to your sensei, Tote-Bag-Sama, as she shows you that you can hold every Summer and Fall essential into one convenient bag and never get screwed over by the weather again: water bottles, collapsible umbrellas (or umbrellasols!), an extra sweater, your bathing'll be like a modern day, summertime Mary Flippin' Poppins!

  14. 14

    #8: A Mini Squirt Bottle

    Fill the mini-squirt up with water and toss it into your tote bag. It's been a hot day and suddenly it gets cold! You go to let your hair down, but your hair tie has left a giant kink! Aren'tcha glad you packed your mini-squirt? Since it's cold out, why don't you pull your jacket out of your tote, too? But it has wrinkles! Wait, no problem! Squirt that beast down and smooth out the wrinkles.

  15. 15

    And when it's hot in the summertime...

    ...little mini squirt will be there for you always

  16. 16

    #7: Sparkly Nail Polish

    When it's sunny outside, watch your nails sparkle with the radiance of a thousand disco balls. And on those cloudy, overcast days when Fall is looming just over the horizon, sparkles with brighten up your day!

  17. 17

    #6: 50s' Style Dresses

    Toward the end of summer, a dress cropped around the knee with short sleeves will give you enough room to breathe while setting you up for chilly fall; these dresses look great by themselves or with a cute, light jacket.

  18. 18


    ...That classic 50s' style goes great with the aforementioned tights and Mary Janes!

  19. 19

    #5: A Scarf to Hold Back your Hair...

    On those really, really hot days.

  20. 20

    ...And to Wear Around your Neck

    Keep the chill away on those school/work mornings and tie back your hair again when it warms up!

  21. 21

    #4: Claw Hair Clips

    Simple, yes, but necessary if you have hair long enough to put back. This type of clip is one of the best. It's easy to use and can latch onto all kinds of crap, like the strap of your bag, belt loop or virtually anything. Claw clip styles can be elegant or messy and still look fabulous. Besides, pinching your friends is fun!

  22. 22

    #3: One of These Beauties

    Ah, the cardigan...great for summer nights and fall mornings. And fall nights. And pretty much any temperature under eighty degrees. It's easy to tie around the waist or to fold up and place in your tote. The light material makes wrinkles less of an issue, and cardigans go with lots of different styles.

  23. 23

    #2: One Pair of Go-To Sneakers

    The summer-fall seasonal transition means being outdoors and/or going to school for many women. Comfort is important! It's never too late to get a pair of sneakers that you feel totally comfortable wearing.

  24. 24

    It also wouldn't hurt... snag a pair of gel insoles. You can get them from the drugstore or your local Walmart. However, a chiropractor or podiatrist can help find insoles suited to the contours of your very own feet by evaluating weight placement as you stand.

  25. 25

    #1: Your Favorite Accessory

    Go home and pick something from your accessory arsenal. How about your favorite bow, maybe your best sandals...something that you adore; something eye-catching; something fun! Put it on and own it, girl! While there are a million clothing hacks out there, only you know what you like. Remember, the seasons change, but that doesn't mean you have to change the style you love! Don't wear something because other girls think it's cool...wear something because YOU think it's HOT!

  26. 26

    Stay Fabulous, Sugar!

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