Sheilah Parker into Hotel business

We all know Sheilah Parker, the pretty girl that featured in one of Peter Miles videos. According to our sources the two where dating for a while until Parker realised things weren’t working out serious like expected. The well-known Boss Bea has done a couple of things that really made many people wonder who she is, like the white birthday party where they almost thought she was in to competition with Zari the Boss Lady.

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    Entebbe city socialite ventures in to hotel and restaurant business

    Not like any other slay queens that do nothing for a living but pose for photography, Boss Bea seems to prove herself different from the rest of the socialites. Currently, she has been advertising her new business on social media, Soser View Hotel and apartments located in Kitala, Entebbe- Uganda P. O. Box 187 Entebbe- Uganda.
    Rumour has it that it’s a family business, which we can’t confirm as yet but we shall drop that for you in an exclusive interview with Parker herself.

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    Meet Parker the receptionist.

    The photo Parker posted on her Facebook confirms and says it all.
    could she be doing all work by herself ?

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