The 7 Most Intense GOT Moments So Far This Season

Spoilers are coming...

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    Drinking and Knowing Things

    We all love when Tyrion opens his mouth. Such incredible things tend to come out. But that meeting with the slavers of Yunkai, Astapor, and Volantis...Phew! Now, that was expertly navigated.Tyrion Lannister read the men in that room and sized them up. His offer of seven years to abolish slavery and institute a paid labor system was bold to say the least. And how could they respond? Violence, violence, and more violence; or, peace, sustainable peace, at a reasonable price. This scene shows us the tactical genius of Tyrion at work. We feel Missandei's shock, yet understand so well what Tyrion is doing. The slavers can do nothing but weigh their options, and let their decision be known. It was a beautifully crafted moment, from a beautifully crafted scene, from the mouth of a beautifully crafted character.

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    Dragon Friends

    This scene made us both cringe and then sigh with relief. Tyrion knows the histories of Westeros and the dragons that once roamed the world. He also knows that dragons do not do well in chains.It is thought that dragons may even be more intelligent than humans. So, taking his knowledge of dragons into account, Tyrion attempts to show the dragons that he is their friend. And it works.When the first collar comes off, the other dragon comes up to Tyrion like a puppy wanting off the leash after coming in from a walk. Adorable. But what does this mean? There are theories out there that claim Tyrion may be a Targaryen himself; perhaps it is his hidden blood that the dragons reacted to and not his intentions? Could this be? What do you think?

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    Jon Snow Reborn

    Let's be real, guys: We all knew this one was coming. They tried so hard at the end of last season to deny it, but we all knew. There was no way it would not be so.But the way they gave to us was nothing short of brilliant. Melisandre is broken because of Stannis' defeat. We all think she's going to see Jon dead and immediately go into "this must not be" mode, as the Lord of Light strikes her with the knowledge that she must bring him back. But that's not what happens.We are given this sad, coal of a creature, whose embers seem to be fading. And it is Davos who advocates for the ritual to take place, and she who can barely bring herself to do it. And she seemingly fails. Everyone leaves the room, and BAM! He's back. It was a great way to make us think he really could be gone until the very last moment possible.

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    The Tower of Joy

    Ah, yes. The Tower of Joy scene. When book-readers saw this scene, we all thought a very famous fan theory was about to come true. And it didn't, here's why that's awesome:Bran and the Bloodraven are chillin' in the past watching some cool stuff go down. The battle at the Tower of Joy is a pivotal event in Westerosi history. We see a young Ned Stark and Company ride up to the Tower, defended by two kingsguard. The beauty of this scene is not the awesome fight choreography, but the commentary. Bran realizes that even his father, the most honorable of men, bends the truth. But, why?The scene ends with Bran calling out to his young father, and Ned seemingly hearing him amongst the screams of his sister Lyanna in the Tower Above. Chilling. The scene is left open-ended, just begging to fulfill a certain fan theory. Or theories.

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    Jon and Sansa Reunited

    This scene was so welcome when it happened. For five seasons, we see Starks so close, so near to a reunion, and then one or three of them die. So when this moment actually happens, it's totally surreal.For so long, it seemed that the Starks were destined to never be together again. Even when they kept saying Sansa is coming to Castle Black, we all thought: "Well, Jon is definitely going to stay dead now." Because Stark reunions just don't happen. Until now. They hugged. That was the best hug, ever. So needed, on so many levels, for both of them. The reunion becomes strained when another Stark is revealed to being imprisoned in Winterfell by the Boltons. Now that they are together, they must fight to take back their home!

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    Born Amidst Salt and Smoke...Again

    This was the single coolest moment this season so far. It was just like the final scene of the first season, except it was in front of all the Dothraki!As she is inspected by the Khals, Dany stands before them and claims that only she is worthy to rule over all the Dothraki. They scoff. So she sets them ablaze, knowing full-well she would come out unscathed. That shot of her walking out of the Khal's tent set aflame is both iconic and nostalgic. It automatically makes us think of that final scene of season one, yet as soon as we do, we see the tens of thousands of Dothraki bowing in front of her. Holy crap, what an army. Westeros will welcome her with open arms with an army like that!

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    "Hold The Door"

    Of course. You knew this was coming. This might be the most heart-wrenching moment in the entire series, as we learn the story of Hodor's tragedy.For five and a half seasons, we lived with the perplexity that was Hodor. A gentle giant who could say only what we thought was his name; who risked life and limb, multiple times, to save Bran, Jojen, and Meera. And then, that fateful scene: Bran is in the past as he attempts to warg into a young Hodor to save the present. The Bloodraven knew this would happen and even encourages Bran to do it. This creates a connection to Bran's mind and Hodor's, across both space and time, linking Hodor's past consciousness to his present self as he experiences the terror and pain of his own death decades later. A traumatic experience to say the least. It makes sense that Bran was able to warg into Hodor from the beginning; not because he was "simple-minded," but because of a causal loop in spacetime: Bran can warg into Hodor, because he already had done it (in the past), this could theoretically make Hodor more susceptible to Bran's warging power in the future. This makes it possible for Bran to warg him in the first place, since it already happened, and a connection is established between Hodor and Bran's consciousness before Bran is even born.Hodor himself knew Bran since that moment as well. What must it be like for Hodor, to see the pieces fall into place. He knew the future; but, could not express anything about it, other than his own dying thoughts: "Hold The Door."

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