The best ever Karamojong Art Auctions Beadwork And The Bamasaba Tribe Briefs

Karamojong art comprises of many types of arts and crafts, from the most traditionally and stereotypically Native Karamojong art such as beadwork and pottery, to modern photography, fine paintings, sculptures and the like. There are very many art auctions, both online and off, that feature this form of Karamojong art. and have added the Bamasaba on my list enjoy

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    The Bamasa Sons Becoming Men

    Today, the Karamojongs as well as some Bamasaba people still make the ancient bead type called the heishii. This is by far the most popular and high quantity type of beadwork that is still made today as it was in ancient times. These necklaces are also referred to as story necklaces as they can be used to tell stories, with each bead representing a character.

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    Beads and beadwork are the most important part of archaeological explorations of pre-European history. Beads have survived thousands of years and tell many fascinating stories about times we weren’t around to witness. This is particularly true with respect to beadwork mad of sea shells. Ancient shell beads have been found thousands of miles from seas, which may indicates various trade routes and contacts among different groups of people.

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    Today Karamojong artists even create digital beadwork designs to help them make actual beadwork pieces. In this way complex designs and pieces can be tested on the screen before the project is begun. This has certainly also added to the creative process for many beadwork artists.
    Bead working weaves through native history both in ancient times as well as in today’s modern computer technology. The most important aspect about beadwork, though, is not what can be sold or gained, but personal pieces that are only given among family and friends. The true meanings behind these pieces are personal associations tied to visions, important perspectives and other things that an individual wishes to be reminded of. the above was about imbalu practiced by the Bamasaba
    These tribes are worth to be read about

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    Artistic Decorations From One of the Ugandan Tribes

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