The Top 10 Tips Of "The Frugal Scotsman" To Save You A Fortune

If there is anyone on the planet who can give advice as to help save money it must be a Scotsman ... and we have found the best of the lot, step forward "The Frugal Scotsman" ...

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  1. 1

    Never watch sad films, you will save on hankies

  2. 2

    If you find yourself among friends and suddenly have a pang for your tasty Orange do not take it out and peel it in front of your friends as you will be forced to share it out to everyone, leaving but a single juicy segment for yourself. The good people of Scotland have developed a trick to counteract this wastefulness, everyone in Scotland has been born with a gene that makes them capable of peeling an orange in their pocket. A simple google search and you too could perform this money-spinner

  3. 3

    Put bricks in your toilet cistern to save on water bills. But remember not to put too many bricks in as it won't actually flush ...

  4. 4

    If friends visit, tell them your water has been turned off at the mains, this will save on water for the toilet as well as electricity for heating a kettle to make coffee (which you also won't have to buy)

  5. 5

    Never ever waste money on a haircut, you thought William Wallace and Robert the Bruce had long hair for effect? No way they just wouldn't pay good money at the Salon

  6. 6

    Don't waste money buying a Nutcracker, there are plenty more ways to crack nuts

  7. 7

    Buy everything in black. Clothes, carpets and car especially, black hides the dirt and you'll save a fortune on laundering and cleaning materials

  8. 8

    Sleep as much as you can in your nice warm bed, it saves on heating bills. (Mind and leave a note out in case some Handsome Prince happens by and thinks he's doing you a favour by waking you up, he isn't)

  9. 9

    Always keep your change tightly bound in a handkerchief when you go out for a drink (whisky is best) with friends so when you say you've forgotten your money you can shake your pockets and the change won't jingle

  10. 10

    Take up a hobby that doesn't cost any money, like many a true Scotsman counting their money is very popular and highly rewarding

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