Things just got better for the one Distinct Dj Vxfaisal is here to brace and further the progress of innovative young talent across. A lot of talent subsist on streets of Kampala that most of you don’t look thoughtfully for a long time at. Good Luck Music Presents to you the first ever Dj Website Launch party at Casablanca Kololo on the 2nd September.

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    Who is Dj Vxfaisal?

    Kigozi Faiswal better known as DJ Vxfaisal Distinct, is a Ugandan disc jockey (DJ), and a graphics designer born on the 5th of May 1995. Kigozi Faiswal was born in Masajja village, Kampala City, Uganda.
    Being inspired by international Djs like Dj Snake and others, he embarked onto the dream being a Dj himself, he proudly points out Dvj Mercy and Dj Sharq for mentoring and offering trainings in the line of his dream
    DJ Vxfaisal started his profession a disc jockey career in 2014 by performing at various night clubs, including Casablanca Kololo, Lugogo Tennis bar, Club Cyclone. During the course of his career, DJ Vxfaisal has performed with acts like Dj Mercy, Dj Sharq, Dj Bobby, Dj Adam, Dave Dash, and Dj Simpo Mc

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    Dj Vxfaisal Distinct set to launch his website at Casablanca Kololo.

    From a trusted source, “ is designed for our entire distinct family the funs all over the world. We are extending our services close to you, which will unite us, we can change the world to a place where everyone desires to live” they revealed. The event is powered by Casablanca Pub, AO records, Fresh buzz tv, Dx promotions online, Magic promotions international, King of street wear, Quag promotions, Dmk promotions the list is endless.

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