This Artist Captures The Exciting Lives Of Everyday Miniature People

When you're the size of an ant, a granola bar becomes a rock climbing wall.

Credits: lddieeiggitt10

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    Little World is a Facebook page dedicated to the lives of a town of everyday miniature people in "little world".

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    Bored Panda user "Compuinfoto" runs the page and recently posted some background to the "Little World" project on the popular viral site.

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    When asked about why he started the project he stated, "I made this Little world photos using my Nikon D800 camera with most of the time using my macro lens because I wanted to make something different from the standard photography".

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    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that he succeeded in his goals. These photos are far from ordinary.

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    Compuinfoto tries to incorporate, "little people with things from the normal world" into his work. Here you can see a tiny computer chord become a huge electric contraption when it is put into the content of these little characters.

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    The project is nothing short of awesome.

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    You can read more about the project here:

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    You can check out more awesome little photos on the official Facebook page here:

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