This Artist Makes Tiny Paintings On Peoples Eyes And It's Glorious

The detail is quite literally, "eye-popping"!

Credits: robbielindenbrook10

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    Georgina Ryland is an an award-winning makeup artist from Brisbane, Australia. Her latest project has been a series of awesomely ornate tiny paintings on peoples eyes.

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    When asked about the project she wrote, "Although I've been trained as a prosthetic and film artist, with a keen interest in body painting, I've discovered a rather useless application of my skill: I can paint very small scenes and details on my eyes".

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    These may look like they took forever to make but to Georgina they were "quite short" and only took an hour.

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    If we ever tried this it would take way more than an hour and probably cost somebody an eye.

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    We thought they were awesome and wanted to share them with you.

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    You can check out more awesome eye art here:

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