This Awesome Couple Has Been Married For 70 Years Today, And They Have These Awesome Old Photos To Prove It!

Harry and Rosalie got married in 1946, but they remember their wedding like it was yesterday! Imgur user connectjedi has shared the story of how they got married 70 years ago...

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    This is Rosalie, 91, and Harry, 92. They've been married for 70 years. But with World War II, a lack of transportation, and teenage nervousness, no one every would have expected they would still be together today...

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    Harry had kind of an odd nickname, but that didn't stop Rosalie from dating him. Everyone called him "Sugar," even Rosalie, until after they got married.

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    When Harry and Rosalie first started dating, neither of them had a car, so they went on as many double dates as they could with other couples to see each other. Rosalie can still remember how Harry cracked his knuckles out of nervousness the first time he went in for a kiss after they were dropped off at her house.

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    Then came World War II, but it couldn't break them apart. It only made them realize how much they loved each other. Harry proposed on one of his leaves. He told her family before Rosalie, though, and they almost spoiled the surprise!

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    They finally married on July 18, 1946.

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    And they honeymooned in St. Louis, where Harry agreed to go to an opera, "The Lost Waltz," if they could go to a Cardinals game afterward.

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