This Dog Stayed With Her Trapped Buddy For A Whole Week Until Help Came

I am sobbing.

Credits: gemmaclarkson10

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    Tillie and Phoebe are two pups who went missing at the same time last week.

    Volunteers had been searching for the dogs when it was reported that a reddish dog had been approaching people on their property, but quickly returning into the woods shortly after.

  2. 2

    Volunteers searched the woods and heard a faint woof when they called for Tillie.

    They discovered her lying with her head on the edge of an old cistern, looking over into it. The volunteers realised that Phoebe must be down there, hopefully still alive.

  3. 3

    She was there, perched on a small pile of rubble to keep herself out of the water.

    Tillie had stayed by her side, except for the few minutes she had gone to look for help every day.

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    What a good girl.

    Dogs are the best.

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