This Shelter Dog Got Arrested; Her Crime? Being Dangerously CUTE!

You can rest easy citizens, this is one more adorable dog off the streets and safe in someone's home!

  1. 1

    Police rescued the public from a menace on July 11th; this dog. Her crime? Intense and unapologetic cuteness. And yes, we hear she is a repeat offender.

    I know. We live in a mad world.

  2. 2

    Police found her lurking around a neighborhood alone, no doubt looking to steal peoples hearts with her adorable face! Cops didn't hesitate, and booked her right away. Her name? Willow.

    Willow gives her paw prints

  3. 3

    Willow was clearly a seasoned criminal, she knew just how to handle the Fuzz

    With cuddles! She knew their weak spot!

  4. 4

    Since posting it online, this Mugshot has gone viral, a warning to other adorable dogs; if you're cute, you WILL get cuddled!

    We can't have these kinds of Pups roaming the streets! We'd never get anything done!

  5. 5

    But seriously, Willow's foster parents came to get her quickly! She's a bit of an escape artist, but they love her. If you're interested in adopting Willow, you can apply here!

    Willow, receiving some much needed belly rubs!

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