This Woman Adopted An Entire Dog Shelter Because She Couldn't Decide Which Dog To Take Home.

This woman is literally living our dream - and making the dreams of all these pups come true at the same time.

Credits: sabrinasmith10

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    Danielle Eden couldn't decide which dog she liked best when she visited a public Dog shelter in Israel. She couldn't decide which she liked most, which needed a home more urgently, or which dog would be okay staying at the shelter. So she did the sensible thing, and bought them all.

    Every single one.

  2. 2

    No, Danielle Eden isn't young and impulsive. She isn't foolhardy and in over her head. She's the co-founder of a successful dog resuce in Ontario, Canada. The Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctury specializes in rescuing Dogs from deplorable conditions, and these conditions were pretty deplorable.

    250 dogs living in a space designed for only 70.

  3. 3

    The shelter was over run with rats and the dogs had to fight over food. So Danielle Eden took all 250 dogs, because she couldn't bare to leave even one behind.

    One lucky pup.

  4. 4

    Danielle began finding homes for the pups immediatly. 90 have already found homes in Israel, 25 have been brough back to Ontario.

    Another lucky pup.

  5. 5

    Half of the dogs brought back to Canada have already been adopted, and a lot of interest has been shown in the rest. Good job Danielle. 250 pups are forever greatful.

    The two luckiest pups.

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    Check out more about Danielle's Dog Rescue and Sanctuary here:

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