Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

Director Sam Mendes won't be returning, regardless, and Daniel Craig's reluctance has fueled speculation about his replacement. Here, our picks for the next man (or woman!) with the golden gun.

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    Former Sony chief Amy Pascal's first choice, the Luther star seems good to go. "If everyone wants something, they can make it happen," he said earlier this year.

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    The "Mad Max: Fury Road" star is currently British bookmakers' odds-on favorite. "I think anybody would consider doing Bond, wouldn't they?" Hardy said last month.

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    The former "Homeland" star has been gaining traction in the 007 replacement derby based on unconfirmed reports that producers have given him an "unofficial nod" for the role.

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    He's the villain Loki in the Marvel films, but the dashing star still dreams of Bond duty. "In an entirely hypothetical situation... I think I would enjoy the experience," he has said.

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    Playing Superman and Bond would be a stretch for any man. But Cavill is now enjoying 5-to-1 odds, saying he'd "relish the chance" to portray 007.

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    She's proved her butt-kicking bona fides in "Edge of Tomorrow" and "Sicario," so can you blame us for conjuring images of Blunt intoning, "Bond. Jayme Bond"?

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