writing a code of ethics for your organization

Ethics refers to a system of belief regarding right courses of action or conduct often viewed as a conduct that is good for individuals or social community. Ethics establish obligations and duties that people owe to others and society (Frederickson, H. G., & Rohr, J. A., 2015). Ethical standards are rules or principles established either by authority, such as a government, professional association, or employer, or a custom (Riivari, E., & Lämsä, A. M.,2014).
A code of ethics, also known as a code of conduct, clarifies “an organization’s mission, values, and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct and describes the standards of practice expected of the group of people to whom it refers. Codet (Beeri, I., Dayan, R., Vigoda-Gadot, E., & Werner, S. B., 2013). Codes are often based on the general principles which must monitored, checked and evaluated (Miley, K. K., O'Melia, M. W., & DuBois, B. L. 2016).

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    Guiding principles

    When writing a code of ethics for your family organization:
    • Consider your organization’s mission, values, and goals, including its position on sustainability and also incorporate employees in developing a code of ethics.
    • Use clear language to make the code user friendly if possible by providing practical training.
    • Include expectations for general conduct at work, as well as examples of unethical behavior with consultation from ethicist or a specialist
    • Focus on your specific organizational business practices and family issues that is, also appointing someone to enforce the code of ethics.
    • Post your code of ethics internally and set up a family reporting system and also follow up on any ethical violation
    • Any waiver or exception is done by the organization’s family heads.
    Purpose of the code
    A code of ethics can help your organization to:
    • In the contents of a Code of Ethics, the code shows members that its values are treated with integrity.
    • To define the terms of ethical behavior of the family organization seen as regulatory, and may be used for disciplinary purposes if it is felt that the standards are breached.
    • Guide decision-making in difficult situations in providing a sense of direction and context for the objectives described in other organizational standards represent an ultimate goal. Whatever ways are customary, the process of discussing such matters helps the family organization at all levels to think further about what they are trying to achieve and about the ways in which they should be working towards their aims.
    • To provide guidance and help for organization's property workers of the family.
    Core values
    • The fundamental values of setting up Codes of Ethics, is to encourage the highest standards of care for family organization and young people, and the ultimate test of their effectiveness impact on practice.
    • Reinforcing and strengthening their professional and social economical values, such as Conflicts of interests through accepting Gifts, Confidential information, respect, care and concern for the children, laborers and closed families with whom they work.
    • Maintaining confidentiality and security of information
    • Making the most of our living unique assets
    • Demonstrating integrity
    • Recognizing and avoiding conflict of interest
    • Respect the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each individual
    Training and education
    My main emphasis was upon training and education family organizational members and other staff the ways in which those codes of ethic may be best met are as follows;
    • Live interaction and Open conversation.
    • Session meetings
    • direct communication style
    Who it covers.
    Its covers the following stakeholders;
    • Family members.
    • Staff and non staff on the family organization’s plantation.
    • Organization’s property
    • Community in which we live in including family clients
    Statement of Commitment
    About this code of ethics for the family organization, I commit myself to furthering the
    values as well as reflect ideals and principles of the Code of Ethical Conduct. To the best of my ability I will;
    • Respect and support families in their tasks
    • Stays informed of and maintain high standards of conduct.
    • Honor the ideals and principles
    • Respect and support families.
    • Never harm the family organization.

    This section reaffirms the importance of Adherence evaluation to this Code of Ethics and Conduct by all organizational members.
    The organization supports fair competition based on quality, service and trust. We will carry out our affairs honestly, directly and fairly. To comply with this laws and our policy of fair competition of our members.
    Must never discuss with competitors or outsiders any matter directly involved in competition between us and the competitor of the family organization. Never to engage in industrial espionage or commercial bribery. This will be in favor of accurate and truthful in all dealings with family organization and carefulness to accurately represent the quality, features and availability of family assets, products and services rendered in the community.
    Conflicts of Interest
    There are more than a few situations that could give rise to a conflict of interest in the family organization. The most common are accepting gifts from outsiders , employment by another
    competitors and family rivals , ownership of a significant part of another asset business in the community, close or family relationships with competitors. A potential conflict of interest exists for members who make decisions in their allocations of family matter that would allow them to give preference or favor to a for anything of personal benefit.
    For the purposes of this code, items of minimal value, given in connection with family campaigns and organizational promotions, safety are not to be considered “gifts”
    Confidential Information and Privacy of Communications
    Confidential information includes all organization information or otherwise concerning the family organization matters, which the family treats as secret. A few examples of prohibited conducts are selling or otherwise using, transmitting confidential information. Also trading in the organization asset stocks.
    Reporting Violations and Discipline
    Members should be alert to possible violations of the code anywhere in the organization and are encouraged to report such violations promptly. Therefore, it is necessary that the family organization ensure that there will be no violations. Disciplinary action should be coordinated with the appropriate representatives.
    Lastly, all cases of questionable activity involving the code or other potentially improper actions will be reviewed for appropriate action, discipline, or corrective steps in the family. Also all cases of questionable activity involving the code will be reviewed for appropriate action, discipline, or corrective steps. A code of ethics communicates and supports your organization’s values. It can help guide decision making and reassure members of your organization’s integrity.

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