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GoDaddy offers an assortment of hosting-related services and is a widely-recognized brand name. Understandably, because of its size and popularity, it’s received its fair share of mixed reviews throughout the years; loyal users stick with it and seemingly love everything about it, while other reviews take on a more skeptical bent — namely, complaints about their customer service.


GoDaddy is a reliable host (with a 99.9% uptime and industry-leading page load times) at a very reasonable price and plenty of good introductory deals and flexible services. Many customers use GoDaddy Hosting to support their online projects, so the company is surely doing some things correctly. Users of all skill levels can easily buy a domain, build a site and then publish it to the web. The company provides excellent tools for users to create, customize and promote their websites. Simply put, GoDaddy is a massive and efficient web hosting machine.

Perhaps due to its size, its ability to provide excellent customer support is at times put to test. While GoDaddy’s customer service is readily available, at peak times you may be placed on hold for extended periods when call volume is heavy. And if you’re not quite tech-savvy or sure of what you’re doing, you may find it slightly difficult to convey what you need to support staff.

Top 10

  • Free domain and site builder
  • Get $150+ in advertising offers
  • Support: 24/7 phone, toll-free
Save up to 35%

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